Friday, 10 May 2013

Out of the wilderness

It's been roughly a year since our last update, the hiatus in posting largely due to a busy schedule and a few changes in personal arrangements.  I moved into a new flat (closer to work) in January 2012 and haven't quite managed to find as much time for wargaming; also, the lovely A shifted to Rotorua in April last year which has resulted in a bit more weekend commuting! I struggle to sit down and paint when I'm tired, and it has been a tiring year!  I suspect a contributing factor may have been a slight obsession with Football manager 2012.

So, what has been happening on the wargaming front?

Flames of War

I've refocused my efforts in Flames of War onto building an Armoured Recce Squadron from the Market Garden book.  In particular, the 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars of the 11th Armoured Division.  I wasn't getting anywhere with the pile of infantry and thought that in the interests of getting something on the table, tanks might be a better option.  This has been true so far - I've almost completed a test figure and have the rest of a combat platoon ready to go.  There was a bit of a delay due to needing to invest in hobby supplies for the project - decals, decal mediums, pigments, magnets etc - but I'm pretty much ready to go now.

Infinity - Haqqislam

I haven't made much progress here in a while.  I ordered some resin paving stone bases a while back and have started to pin miniatures to them - a lot of work to go yet.  This will be on the back burner for a while with the focus being on getting a Flames of War army to the table.

Saga - Anglo-Danes

Similarly to Infinity, I haven't made much progress with the project.  This is a peripheral interest for me at the moment, with the plan being once I have a force up and ready to go for Flames of War I will purchase everything I need for the Anglo-Danes and burn through it.  Perhaps wishful thinking?  I have a blister of Gripping Beast spearmen and some resin bases, so when I get the chance I will put these together and use them for practice in painting in 28mm scale; I'm nervous about painting the beautiful Infinity miniatures without practice!

Dux Bellorum

I've been taking an academic interest in Dark Ages wargaming over the last year and would really like to take a look at the period in 15mm using the Dux Bellorum Rules published by Osprey.  I've scoped out figure lines and would like to put together Romano-British and Saxon forces as a personal project.

Other than the above projects and ideas, there hasn't really been much to say about wargaming over the last 12 months.  I've still very much been keeping up with developments in the hobby using Google Reader, and there has definitely been plenty of ideas floating around in my head, but I simply haven't made the time to act on them yet!

More updates soon - hopefully tangible ones!  Cheers!

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