Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Out of the wilderness...again

After almost three years since my last post, I recalled that I do in fact have a blog!

It has been a busy time; in June 2013 I moved to a new job in Whakatane and moved house to Lake Rotoma with the lovely A.  Since then there have been some pretty drastic changes in our lives: we're now married, have two cats, four chooks and a baby.  I've moved jobs again and we have purchased our first home in Rotorua!  Most of which has happened over the last twelve months - we don't do anything by half!

Now that we have moved back to civilisation we can get the internet; ultra-fast fibre, in fact!  Having spent the last three years with mobile data only on 1 bar of reception, it is definitely a good feeling to be reconnected.

I also now have the space in our new place to do some gaming!  In theory I ought now to have the time, too, having lost a 90 minute return daily commute.  Baby may dispute this.

More to come soon.

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