Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Hi Everyone.

I suppose I should introduce myself since Mike has tried to mention me in every post he makes.
No I'm not imaginary and I did pretty much buy all that stuff on impulse (although most of it was while it was on a heavy discount.). It is as he said it is.

My name is Garth.
I have been interested in miniatures and gaming since my early years. Hell I think it was I who introduced it to our high school. Bringing in a Gamesworkshop catalogue that looked something akin to a newspaper crossed with a dirty magazine Passed from teenager to teenager until it was tattered and torn (it did the rounds like any 'forbidden' material would at a high school.). I never did get it back.

During these years Gamesworkshop's rules were the only ones that were featured in our lives. Everything else had no meaning. Any other games, rules or miniatures were unkown or ignored. Weekends were filled with sport and then an entire evening of dice/junk food fueled enjoyment
Warhammer ruled on high.

But eventually its hold began to wain. The influence of drinking, girls, tertiary education and paying off student loans took precedent.
All war gaming had to take a back seat when it came to setting your self up with a 'LIFE'.

5 or 6 years pass without even the thought of small miniature plastic soldiers battling for supremacy of a 6' x 4' piece of table.

Until, you finish study. You got the girl (or had...). You have a job nothing like you studied for. You've paid off a hefty chunk of your student loan and are somehow managing to save a little bit of money after spending the rest on booze and rent. But your life still feels hollow. Something is missing. Something you enjoyed for 5 solid years.

About a year ago Mike and I were contemplating on whether or not to get back into war gaming. We both have a very keen interest in Table top hobbies and we also share a love for military history ( particularly Napoleonics and WWII.). We decided to take a wide berth of GamesWorkshop rule sets (We both still both have soft spots for Warhammer and Mordheim but GODDAMN the stuff is so expensive in NZ!.) and focus on historical gaming. It was during our research into the various rule compilations and miniatures of the Napoleonic era that we stumbled across the Perry twins website http://www.perry-miniatures.com/. These guys are INCREDIBLE. It was their miniatures alone that started me collecting again. The sculpts are amazing! Each miniature is a work of ART. I promptly bought a box of Cuirassiers http://www.perry-miniatures.com/index2.html and have never looked back.

From there we moved into the WWII era. Flames of war being of particular interest to us since it has its origins in NZ (Mike had tried to introduce this to me in High school but it never really took off.). Mike had already bought some British miniatures a few years back off of a auction site, so with him going the Allies I went Axis. The Fallschirmjager to be precise. Our two chosen armies were the perfect historical combination. Throughout the war these two faced each other again and again in combat. Opening the way for us to have many re-enactments of their battles. Crete, Sicily, Cassino. It's all there. What more could a gamer want. I know have 2500 pts of Fallschirmjager to paint through (GULP...) as well as about another 1700pts of Panzer Lehr (which I picked up mighty cheap! ;) ).

I never have been much of a painter. Most of my Warhammer army back in the day was Unpainted and Unassembled. But I am definitely trying to make up for my 'laziness' at high school. I will post some pictures of my work once I figure out how to get my Camera working with my computer and would welcome and tips/ criticism on my painting.

Mike has also started on Infinity. A particular pet project of his. Although maybe not as keen in my approach to the Infinity game as he, I am still looking forward to giving this a whirl. I enjoyed the Mordheim skirmish game ALOT and this being a Sci-Fi skirmish game it can only bring great things. The Nomads models appeal to me the most out of all the available factions so I have decided to go with them. So far I have ordered but not yet received a starter set and also an Intruder to make up a 150pt list. Hopefully at some stage in the near future Mike and I will have the chance to have a game of this very compelling rule set.

I hope you will enjoy reading about our progress through this exciting and fascinating hobby and welcome any tips and suggestions that you would like to share.

Many thanks and happy gaming.

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