Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Flames of War starter bundles from Waylands

Waylandgames.co.uk have announced Flames of War starter bundle deals for sale on their online store. Waylands are a great company with a good range and fine customer service. I've been very impressed by them in my dealings so far, not least because of the way in which they've gone out to bat for the Australasian gamer with Games Workshop over the international (outside of the EU) sales embargo. I plan on covering this issue in a future blog, but for now its very nice to see someone having the balls to stand up to GW. Importantly, for the island-dweller, waylands also ship for free on flames of war orders!

Now, they're selling bundles for most of the armies over the more common company types. To illustrate how good the deal is I'm going to run through the British Infantry bundle.

The bundle contains:

1x British Rifle Company box
1x Field Battery Royal Artillery box
1x 6pdrs AT gun platoon box
1x British late war paint set
1x Open Fire Rules starter box

All of this for the price of £129.60 or $250.55 NZD. This is a substantial saving, given that the rrp of the bundle is $342 NZD! (though to be fair, buying from the UK is always much cheaper with the strength of the NZD at present).

In addition to the great price, waylands will issue a £10 voucher to be spent on gale force 9 products so you will have everything you need to base your figures ready for the table.

So if you've been looking at getting into FoW or the missus is getting sick of you hanging around on weekends, you can't really go wrong with the waylands bundle as a cheap way of entering the hobby!


  1. I may be wrong but I am pretty sure you also get 3 Shermans and 2 StuGS in the Open Fire! set.

  2. Rifle platoons, 6pdrs, shermans and 25pdrs. A good core to any British force.