Thursday, 1 September 2011

Incoming! Infinity campaign book?

This isn't fresh news, so I'm certainly not going to pretend as though I'm breaking it; however it is something that has already got me looking at where I'll get the money from, so I'll write about it anyway!

Our intel indicates that CB will be releasing a campaign and scenario book late this year. From a quick Google search I've found a couple of reports that do differ slightly. The sdtaylor blog suggests that it will be another expansion book along the lines of Human Sphere, but with a lot of campaign and scenario content. However, the poster at reckons that CB will be releasing the campaign book and then another "human sphere" expansion. I'm pretty happy either way - either one big beautiful hardback or two slightly smaller ones; while I'd buy both, perhaps each topic would be given more thorough attention if the subject of its own volume. Then again, a campaign book placed in the context of an expansion might very well enhance the experience.

By the way, infinity-ireland attributed their information to a post from Janzerker on the infinity forums, so thanks for sharing with us. In his forum post Janzerker provided a link to the source of his information, an interview with CB on the website "Cargad" in the Spanish language (translated).

The first part of the interview was very interesting in that it was a brief conversation about the origins of corvus belli, the nature of the company and how they see themselves in the miniature wargames market. This was interesting to me as being a very recent follower of infinity I know very little about what the company is about. Having read this I can say that, on top of being producers of a fantastic product with quality subsidiary support services (free downloadable rules, an official army builder program and fine community forums), my impression is that they've made some very smart decisions with the direction they'be decided to pursue with Infinity. Very impressed!

I've digressed a little here. I'd like to finish by explaining why the idea of a campaign/scenario book appeals to me. Firstly, as Garth can attest to, I'm a real sucker for pretty hardcover rule books (and I must say that I'm very impressed with the Infinity core rulebook, even with the translated style - but enough, that's very definitely enough of a topic for its own post). I should probably put a "bookcase" sidebar on the blog to show the rulesystems I have. I've certainly bought a fair few in the last six months; I suspect I've spent my wargames money on rules out of a fear that I'll accumulate more models than I can paint. I'm very wary of the lead mountain, as I'm quite a slow painter!sidebar

The other reason is that I'd very much like to have the benefit of having designed balanced scenarios to start off my infinity games with. It's enough of a mission learning all of the rules, accumulating terrain (and learning how to set it up in a balanced way) and learning effective list strategies and tabletop tactics without the added complexity of designing scenarios. Time is very much a factor for me at the moment too. I'm also dead tired of the old "pitched battle" routine after years of WHFB and 40k back in my wargaming youth. I'd like my start with infinity to be as dynamic and themed as possible within my strict time limitations. Anyway, if anyone as any more up to date info on the campaign book, or has any corrections in respect of what I've said above, please let me know. Cheers!


  1. I have actually included links to the blogs/articles above, however I'm a bit of an interwebs noob. When I'm home on my pc rather than posting on Android I'll see if I can make the link words visible.

  2. I think you've summed up how I'm feeling over the expected mission book. It'll be interesting to see how they move the game forward in a balanced way... and to see if they move the background on a bit.